Duke-NUS Professor Wang Linfa

Singapore 151st-ranking state media Straits Times had published a fake news claiming that the don of government university Duke-NUS said a vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus will be “ready by year end”.

Straits Times wrote a deceptive propaganda article titled, “Coronavirus vaccine will not be ready soon, earliest by year end: Duke-NUS don”, to mislead Singapore readers into believing that there is a vaccine out there.

A check with Professor Wang Linfa’s video interview revealed that he did not make such a claim.

The Singapore professor had instead said that the new drugs tested in China at the moment have not been proven to be effective. Professor Wang also emphasised that these drugs are “candidates” and not the actual solution, and that even if they worked, the soonest possible is at least a year for cities with priority given to major infections like China.

There is no vaccine or cure for the Wuhan virus at the moment.

The Singapore researcher also highlighted that he is not looking at treatment solutions because the rest of the world are onto it. Rather, he is currently only analysing the antibodies and looking for clues, hoping that it will lead to a solution.