Millionaire PAP Minister Gan Kim Yong

The Ministry of Health announced a new infection cluster where 4 employees of the same company at Science Park II were infected with the Wuhan coronavirus:

“Four of the confirmed cases (Cases 93, 95, 97 and 98) are linked to Wizlearn Technologies Pte Ltd.” – Ministry of Health

Two new cases were declared, a 44-year-old woman (case 97) and a 24-year-old man (case 98), both are foreigners on permanent residency. They were found to be infected locally because none of them have ever been to any infected cities like Wuhan in China, Daegu or Cheongdo in South Korea.

The Singapore Ministry of Health is unable to find the source of the infection, or determine which of the 4 employees was the first infected.

Case 97 started coughing and exhibiting symptoms on Feb 20, and she visited a GP clinic on the same day. The GP clinic gave her a 5 days MC, mandated by the Ministry of Health, but she continued working without wearing a face mask. She was only sent to the hospital for testing on Feb 27.

One of the employees, case 95, similarly started coughing on Feb 22, and he visited a GP clinic twice on Feb 25 and Feb 26. He also continued working from Feb 22 to his hospital admission on Feb 26. While coughing and sneezing without wearing a face mask, he went to numerous business meetings at Sport Singapore, Singapore Aviation Academy, Toa Payoh Hub and Toa Payoh Sport Centre.

The Ministry of Health refused to declare the number of uncontactable suspect cases and close contacts.