Ong Ye Kung - screenshot from Bloomberg video

Local transmission of the Wuhan virus in Singapore has gone widespread, with 3 new confirmed cases reported by the Ministry of Health yesterday (Feb 27). A 64-year-old woman, a 12-year-old student from Raffles Institution and a 44-year-old man were diagnosed positive.

None of the new cases have any links to existing clusters.

The 64-year-old fell ill on Feb 11, visited a GP clinic a week later 3 times on Feb 17, Feb 20 and Feb 24. Over the course of two weeks, her family and the public has been exposed to the virus spread.

The 12-year-old boy was detected positive only after the 64-year-old was warded in an isolation ward. He contracted the virus from his grandmother and went to his school RI without wearing a mask. The school has been closed for a day for disinfection. Education Minister Ong Ye Kung claimed that the boy was feeling well throughout, and dismissed the idea that other students in RI could very well be infected by now.

The Singapore government refused to disclose any further information especially on the 44-year-old man, except that he is related to another 38-year-old man announced infected a day before.

There are now a total of 96 cases now, with 14 infected for unknown reasons.

Government propaganda is running headlines of those discharged to play down the severity of the virus. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong is also under heavy criticisms, after he announced that he is considering to open the borders to the infected areas due to economic pressure.

The Ministry of Health refused to publish the figures of suspect cases uncontactable by the authorities. Many are evading government officials out of fear of the 14 days mandatory quarantine.