Minister Gan Kim Yong, Lawrence Wong and Ong Ye Kung

An infected couple from China Wuhan will be charged under the Infectious Diseases Act tomorrow (Feb 28) for providing false information regarding their whereabouts.

China national Hu Jun, 38, arrived in Singapore on Jan 22 and he was only detected by the hospital on Jan 31. His wife, Shi Sha, 36, lives in Singapore, and when questioned for contact tracing, the two lied to the authorities about their movements from Jan 22 to Jan 31.

The Singapore Ministry of Health did not reveal the intention behind the lying, but it appears the couple engaged in illegal activities in Singapore during the period.

Another China national, holding Singapore permanent residency, was also deported for ignoring the 14 days Leave of Absence order by the government. The 45-year-old arrived in Singapore on Feb 20 and he was issued with the self-quarantine order.

Health officials found that he blatantly ignored the LOA order and went about commuting in public despite arriving from China. The Singapore government failed to take any action against the China national, and he was seen at 3 days later (Feb 23) leaving Changi Airport.

The Singapore Immigrations allowed him to leave, gave him verbal warnings and did not make any arrest. The China national ignored the warnings and left Singapore on a flight back to China.

The Singapore government then claimed that the unnamed Singapore PR has been “banned” from entry, but did not explain why he was not arrested at the airport.

A total of 14 China nationals – on work passes and permanent residency – have breached the LOA orders to date. None of them has been charged, and 10 those on work passes were deported.