Bilahari Kausikan

Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house, could not be more apt an advice for Singapore’s ex-diplomat Bilahari Kausikan.

The PAP fascist, notorious for blindly defending the Singapore dictatorship, deliberately timed his article at a time when China is at a crisis. In his article to state media Straits Times, Bilahari Kausikan exploited the virus outbreak to attack China’s political system telling them that their system is breaking down and unsustainable unlike the US.

Such behaviour is toxic, and his article created nothing but further animosity. The Chinese embassy’s letter, published today, reminding him to mind his own business can not be more poignant.

Rehashing impractical principles that even democrats around the world today are questioning, the former Singapore diplomat should have retired for good and stop making stories to please only his colonial masters.

Bilahari Kausikan’s article is befuddling. What is he trying to achieve? If his aim is to get China listening, the outcome clearly isn’t so. Bilahari Kausikan only proved to the world that he is as what China described – arrogant and prejudiced. The former diplomat greatly disgraced Singaporeans’ reputation in the eyes of our Chinese allies.

Fortunately, Bilahari Kausikan does not represent Singaporeans. We have no issues with the Chinese government, and to put it bluntly, it is none of our business. China is free to do whatever it wants as the Chinese people mandated.

Or perhaps China should start publishing articles criticising the PAP political system in Singapore. That would put little men like Balahari Kausikan in their places, which is to do nothing but engage in petty politicking.

Alex Tan