Gan Kim Yong

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has screwed up the Wuhan virus handling again, this time with his 5 days MC regime creating a 20% spike in patients exhibiting symptoms of the Wuhan virus.

Singapore’s Ministry of Health is depressing the number of confirmed cases by mandating that clinics give a 5 days MC to all patients, as the government is running low on test kits.

This dangerous move however heightened the spread of the Wuhan virus and delayed timely treatment and quarantine of those infected.

Numerous confirmed cases have reported that they visited a GP clinic at least 2 times before being sent for a test. A recent case 89th, a Filipino national on Singapore PR, visited the clinic 5 times before being diagnosed.

GP clinics around the island have reported that they now see more patients with respiratory symptoms. Dr Kenneth Tan, a GP doctor, told the state media he has saw 20% more patients these days after the government declared a 5 days MC regime.

State media Straits Times put up a propaganda twist to explain the spike in patients showing respiratory symptoms, claiming that increased government subsidies prompted more Singaporeans to visit a doctor instead.

A doctor told the state media that not all patients he saw was given a 5 days MC, because the patient is a low income worker:

“Some patients are from low-income families – they must work to get paid. So there’s a very strong pressure on them to say they want one or two days (of medical leave) rather than five days.”

Singapore reported zero new case on Sunday, and only one new case on Monday. The figures are suspiciously low based on statistical trend, and actual infected are not being picked up because of the 5 days MC delay.