Chan Chun Sing

Singapore state media have embarked on an ego trip calling the dictatorship’s effort on controlling the Wuhan virus outbreak “gold standard”.

As to why Singapore has the most infected outside China, the Singapore government shamelessly claimed that this is because its detection abilities are the best in the world.

Quoting an unverified thesis allegedly from Harvard University, the Singapore state media even made a baseless claim saying that if other countries adopted its case detection practices, every other country would see “2.8 times higher in reported infection rate”.

Aside from self-praising, the Singapore government also ran state media articles casting aspersions at other countries like China, Indonesia and Thailand. Indonesia has zero confirmed case of the Wuhan virus. Ruling party supporters claimed that the figures are under-reported in these developing countries “unlike Singapore”.

As to whether Singapore really have a “gold standard” in case detection, a few facts run contrary to this claim. First, more than 18 cases have reported that they were only sent for a test after their conditions worsened. All of them visited local GP clinics more than once, before being detected.

Second, there are at least 5 cases where the government was unable to determine the source of infection or that they are unrelated to any known cluster.

Third, the Singapore government actively discourages Singaporeans not to wear a mask in public – claiming that this is “counterproductive”. How is this reckless behaviour and the shady practices “gold standard” is beyond understanding.