Lee Hsien Loong; Screenshot

“If you are well, DO NOT WEAR A MASK. Face mask is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. You will still be infected EVEN IF YOU WEAR ONE.”

Singapore’s ruling party PAP dictatorship has came out with creative propaganda to manage the shortage of face masks. Among them are propaganda disinformation, quoted above, disseminated by the Ministry of Health.

The Singapore government even issued four pieces of face masks for each household. To put this in perspective, Macau government issued 30 per resident.

So what other creative measures are adopted by the world’s highest-paid politicians to pull through this crisis?

Sue Singaporeans for “fabricating fake news” when they disagree with the government, that is. When States Times Review published an article reporting shortage of face masks, Singaporean editor Alex Tan right away received a threat of 3 years’ jail and S$100,000 fine in the form of a POFMA order.

Luckily for Alex, he is also an Australian living outside Singapore. Otherwise Singapore will just replay the Salem’s witch-trial treatment of Amos Yee and Roy Ngerng.

Unlike other governments who maintain social stability via transparency and accountability, the Singapore government attempted to achieve so by lying and censoring information of the unreachable close contacts.

The government-controlled state media also ran numerous reports praising how “well and prepared” the government did in this Wuhan virus outbreak. Despite having the highest number of infected outside China, the Singapore state media can spin that this is because the Singapore police is the most efficient in the world. Mediacorp is now even coming up with a song, like good old communists praising Mao Ze Dong.

Singapore ministers with no medical background like Minister Lawrence Wong, even proudly declared that the Wuhan virus is “more like H1N1, than SARS”. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong even said that “it is not as severe as SARS”, and even came out with a magical fatality rate of “0.02%”.

To top it off, Minister Chan Chun Sing goes around closed-door forums insulting Singaporeans calling them “idiots” and “xia suay” (disgraceful), and disparaging the Hong Kong government to elevate his government’s reputation. The former army general even had the cheek to blame “bad news” to the internet.

Melanie Tan