Empty check-in counters; Changi Airport

Singapore’s international airport, Changi Airport, has seen its worst tourist turnout ever with the airport seeing only a few passengers on each flight.

Foreigners are avoiding Singapore because local transmission has gone out of control, with random stranger on the street being infected by the deadly Wuhan virus. 7 countries – China, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Israel, Qatar and Kuwait – have issued advisories against travel to Singapore.

Singapore’s number of infected also hit a record high of 84 yesterday (Feb 19), proving that existing government measures are ineffective. The Ministry of Health maintained its stance against Singaporeans wearing a mask in public, calling it a waste of resources and “counterproductive”.

A video sent to States Times Review filmed by a Thai national at her flight to Bangkok at 10am, found that there is only 3 passengers boarding the plane. An article from Financial Times also reported similar sightings at Changi Airport.

The Singapore government recently spent S$1.3 billion on a new airport, Project Jewel, with the world’s highest indoor waterfall. An undisclosed tens of billions were also spent building the Terminal 5.