Screenshot from YouTube

Singapore’s face masks are seeing a severe shortage, with National Development Minister Lawrence Wong confessing that the country may have to start manufacturing its own face masks.

The PAP millionaire minister admitted that key suppliers in the region like Taiwan have imposed export ban on face masks, and Singapore is now running out of supply:

“Singapore is looking for new sources of supply for masks and developing capabilities to manufacture them locally as other Asian countries clamp down on mask exports. In recent weeks, some places like Taiwan, Thailand and India have banned or tightened regulations on the export of masks. We are therefore strengthening the resilience of our supply chain, including looking for new sources, and developing local manufacturing capabilities.”

Minister Lawrence Wong was responding to parliamentary questions in place of dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who was absent.

Minister Lawrence Wong claimed that his government is prepared even before the first case emerged on Jan 24:

“Even before Singapore had its first confirmed case, we anticipated that we would need a whole-of-government effort to respond effectively to this threat.”

The fascist leader also warned Singaporeans against accessing non-government news media for information:

“It is important not to spread unverified information, while the Government has and will continue to push timely information through various platforms.”