Photo of Chan Chun Sing from SPH

Making a press release alongside the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commence and Industry, Minister Chan Chun Sing has called the leakage of an audio recording “a betrayal”, and warned Singaporeans that he does not tolerate such behaviour:

“The leak of a recording from a closed-door meeting between Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) members and minister Chan Chun Sing is deeply disappointing and a betrayal of trust. Members had been informed multiple times that the meeting was off-the-record. The recording was thus a clear breach of trust… Such actions dilute the trust and confidence that others have in us and will discourage active and open participation from our speakers, guests and even our own members in future private settings. Trust has to be mutual, earned and built over time.”

Minister Chan Chun Sing chirped in on Facebook:

“Trust and confidentiality will be critical in sharing such sensitive matters in closed-door sessions. Hearsay taken out of context will be unhelpful to trust-building and collective actions in these difficult times.”

The PAP millionaire minister was earlier recorded insulting Singaporeans, Hong Kongers and the Hong Kong government chief executive Carrie Lam, in his heavy Singlish accent.

Minister Chan Chun Sing called Singaporeans who stock up essential goods a disgrace, using the term “xia suay”, and also used a derogatory term calling them “idiots”.

The former army general said wearing a mask is useless and claims it is “never a part of the solution”:

“Masks were not the solution to the coronavirus outbreak. No matter how many millions of masks we have, we will never have enough.”

In the audio recording, Chan Chun Sing also claimed that Hong Kong hospitals has ran out of face masks – which is not true. The PAP minister also attacked Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, claiming that her government is useless unlike the PAP.