Photo of Lawrence Wong from Todayonline

In the latest propaganda to play down the severity of the deadly Wuhan virus, Singapore government doctors said that the virus will go away eventually over a period of time.

Hailed as “experts” by Singapore 151st-ranking state media, Singapore doctor Leong Hoe Nam claimed that the Wuhan virus is “just another flu”:

“Everyone then realised that H1N1 was just another flu bug. The initial deaths in Mexico were not seen in Singapore. Very surprising. Now when you revisit Mexico, the same virus circulates there, but it doesn’t kill that much. This is because the threat of H1N1 eroded over the years. And the same is likely to happen for COVID-19.”

Over 71,323 have been infected and 1,770 have died from the Wuhan virus worldwide. This is many folds over the SARS crisis in 2003. In Singapore alone, there are now 75 cases – the highest outside China.

Singapore “experts” however claimed – without any evidence or medical journal – that the Wuhan virus will just go away as it mutates:

“I believe they came into existence much like the current COVID-19. It killed many people and virology or technology was not sufficiently established then to identify the cause of the illness. But it became attenuated with time. COVID-19 will go the same way. What we need is time for it to accumulate mutations, and it will become milder.”

PAP Minister Lawrence Wong also chirped in saying that the Wuhan virus is “closer to H1N1 and not SARS”, again without any medical background or evidence:

“The transmission mechanism of COVID-19 is different from SARS. In fact, the transmission mechanism is closer to H1N1 or influenza.”