Gan Kim Yong

Government resources are now strained by the sheer number of infected cases, standing now at 75.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said that they have only isolated or quarantined 1,781 of 2,179 suspect cases. In the small country island, a total of 264 suspect cases that require 14 days quarantine are still missing and uncontactable by the Singapore Police.

More individual cases with unknown link are also popping up, and local GP clinics are still turning away suspect cases telling them to rest at home – in accordance with MOH guidelines.

The Singapore government has since ordered that the GP clinics gives a 5 day MC for all suspect cases, but the move is unhelpful to increase faster isolation and detection of confirmed cases.

5 clusters have been identified so far, with the biggest infection cluster is church at Paya Lebar, Grace Assembly, with 18 confirmed cases thus far. The authorities have yet to find the source behind the five clusters.

Singapore’s infected cases nearly doubled in a week, from 43 cases a week ago on Feb 9 to yesterday’s 75 on Feb 16. Five remain in critical conditions, but the government is running numerous propaganda trying to trick Singaporeans into believing the Wuhan virus is not deadly.