Lee Hsien Loong; Screenshot

In the latest legal corruption passed by propaganda minister S. Iswaran, the PAP millionaire minister demanded that States Times Review publish a note to declare itself a fake news.

Under a shady little known censorship law created by the PAP dictatorship, States Times Review was reportedly the first “declared online location” (DOL). The Minister of Communications and Information threatened to jail the editor of States Times Review 3 years’ jail and a S$40,000 fine if he refuses to comply:

“The STR Facebook page is linked to other websites that are also operated by Alex Tan, which derive monetary benefits from these falsehoods at the expense of Singaporeans and our society. The page will have to carry a notice warning people that it has a history of communicating falsehoods, among other things. Mr Tan can be fined up to $40,000 or be jailed for up to three years or both if he does not comply.”

Like North Korea, the PAP minister doubled his threat and warned that States Times Review is not supposed to earn a single cent:

“In addition, it is also an offence for him to profit from the page, and he can be fined up to $40,000 or be jailed for up to three years, or both, for doing so. The STR Facebook page “has repeatedly conveyed numerous falsehoods”, three of which were the subject of Pofma directions in February and January this year, and November last year.”

The editor of States Times Review has refused to comply, and challenged the Singapore government to lodge a case in the New South Wales court in Australia, where the website is based:

“The Singapore government should stop embarrassing itself and start observing due process. As an Australian citizen, the website owner will comply with only local laws of New South Wales, Australia. They should lodge an official complain to a NSW court and we can argue our cases in an open court. I will not be intimidated by dictatorships.”