Lawrence Wong

Minister Lawrence Wong signalled that the government will give up on public health measures like contact tracing and quarantine if there are “too many” infected in Singapore.

The corrupted PAP millionaire minister said the government does not have enough medical resources if the situation worsens:

“If there is evidence of widespread community transmission in Singapore, the Government could change its strategy on fighting the virus. We could stop contact tracing because the large numbers make it impractical, and start sending confirmed COVID-19 cases with mild symptoms home to recover in isolation.”

When questioned that if the Wuhan virus has gone undetected in Singapore, Minister Lawrence Wong pointed his finger at other countries in Southeast Asia like Thailand and Indonesia:

“Experts are already saying that that spread of the virus to other countries may already be happening, but it’s undetected, particularly in Southeast Asia as well. A Harvard study that looked at airline travel volume which concluded that the virus may have spread undetected to various countries, including Indonesia and Thailand.”

However, Singapore has the most infected cases outside China, at 67. There is zero cases in Indonesia and Thailand only have 33.