Chan Chun Sing

Minister of the ruling party dictatorship Chan Chun Sing has used the Total Defence Day to attack internet usage, claiming it caused panic-buying and “bad news”:

“As evidenced by last week’s panic buying, a few of the same photos and videos, shared many times over, could trigger long queues at supermarkets. We must recognise the asymmetry in human psychology – bad news travel faster than good news. Fear overwhelms more easily than calmness.”

The millionaire PAP minister who was a former army general further claimed that his government has done “reasonably well” in the Wuhan virus outbreak:

“The ongoing outbreak has put the country to the test in the past few weeks. We have done reasonably well thus far against an unknown enemy, but we certainly have room to improve and we must never be complacent… We did not do too badly.”

Singapore has the highest infected cases outside China at 72, surpassing Hong Kong and Japan.

The PAP dictatorship has been facing a severe face mask shortage since the start of the outbreak on Jan 24, which Minister Chan Chun Sing fervently denied and even POFMA-ed States Times Review for “spreading fake news”.

The country is also running short on essential supplies which to hefty price increases by as much as 25% and a government-imposed purchase restriction.

In response to increasing public criticisms, the government imposed numerous censorship orders known as POMFA on independent news media. Those who refuse to comply faces 3 years’ jail and a million dollar fine.