Photo of Gan Kim Yong from The Straits Times

Fighting public criticisms, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong issued a POFMA order demanding that States Times Review withdraw an article reporting on the Wuhan virus. The angry PAP minister demanded the POFMA office to ban the Australian media and even fabricated numerous propaganda fake news to argue his case.

The Australian website has earlier called for his resignation, which deeply infuriated the corrupted PAP minister.


On 15 February 2020, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong published a POFMA order on the Wuhan virus situation in Singapore claiming that:

1) The Government is able to trace the source of infection
As of Feb 13, 7 close contacts remain uncontactable. The World Health Organisation has also confirmed that they are looking for “patient zero” in Singapore, which has stayed hidden and infected many.

2) The Government is “not the only one” telling the public not to wear a mask
None of the governments including Australia and US advises against wearing a mask in public. Read the World Health Organisation’s recommendations on masks here.

3) Each China worker will not get S$100 a day for 14 days of Leave of Absence, fully paid for by the Singapore government
The S$100 a day incentive is issued per headcount, and given to the foreign national via their employers.

4) At no time did the Minister for Manpower Mrs Josephine Teo say she was working hard to bring more Chinese workers back to Singapore
Minister Josephine Teo confirmed she is approving 200 applications each day to bring the China workers back to Singapore.

5) As of 8:00 pm on 13 Feb 2020, no countries have banned travel to Singapore.
7 countries – Kuwait, Qatar, China, Taiwan, Israel and South Korea – have issued travel advisories warning their citizens to avoid Singapore. All government officials are banned from travel to Singapore.

Additional Clarifications

The POFMA order was issued to quell criticisms against PAP ministers, who are more concerned with their own political reputation than fixing the Wuhan virus crisis. POFMA is only applicable in the Singapore dictatorship, no other country recognises the censorship’s legitimacy.

As a political exile, the editor of States Times Review will never comply with any of the POFMA order.