PhD scholar from China, Hao Shu Gang

A China student on Singapore scholarship started scolding Singaporeans for being racists after he was triggered by a typo on an email circulation which wrote “Wuhan”.

Writing in broken English, the China national PhD student at SUTD, Hao Shu Gang, wrote an email addressing all students warning Singaporeans not to use the word “Wuhan virus” and claimed this is racism:

“Do mind your words and do avoid racism. It is due to COVID-19 instead of Wuhan. We are waiting for your apology.”

Facebook screenshot

The email warranted a correction by the original poster who apologised for a typo by leaving out the word “virus”.

Another Singaporean student replied to the China national telling him to behave himself or go back to China:

“For PhD students drawing scholarship, u are ought to be reminded that the scholarship you are receiving comes from Singapore Taxpayers money, or in short, our money… Do u think u will volunteer to do PhD research in Singapore without the SGD3000 per month stipend scholarship? If you are not happy, you can return to your virus country.”

Facebook screenshot

Foreign students do not need to pass basic English tests like A-level GP and they receiver scholarships on poorer academic results than Singaporeans. The Singapore Ministry of Education spends S$238 million each year sponsoring foreign students’ studies and their living allowance, while Singaporean students have to pay full fees in local universities.