Taiwan discussion on Lee Hsien Loong screwing up

Singapore is dead meat.

Lee Hsien Loong’s 6.9 million population policies has clearly been proven to be stupidity at its peak. The overcrowded country with 5.7 million is now a breeding ground for virus outbreak, and various cases have been found to have contracted the virus on public transport and their workplaces.

Population density is the key, and there is no solution except to send a bulk of the 2.2 million foreigners away back to their country.

Couple with severe shortage of face masks and government propaganda claiming there is no need to wear one, the confirmed virus cases simply kept jumping by the days. There were 8 new cases the day before, and 9 new cases yesterday. Going by the trend, Singapore will hit its 100th confirmed cases by next Friday.

Community transmission has begun but the dictatorship authorities are still in denial, claiming that “everything is under control”.

The handling of the Wuhan virus outbreak in Singapore has incompetence, even insanity, stamped all over the government ministers.

The Education Minister refused to close schools, the Trade Minister said there are enough face masks and food supplies, the Manpower Minister said she is bringing 30,000 more China nationals into Singapore, the Health Minister said there is no need to wear a mask in public, the National Development Minister said infected people can “rest at home”, and the Prime Minister said the virus is not dangerous.

This government has gone mad. Even the Taiwanese are laughing at Lee Hsien Loong.

The only outcome from these corrupted leaders is more infected and more body bags at the end of the day. On the other side, Lee Hsien Loong and his ministers are still bagging more than S$1.2 million in salaries each.

Good luck Singaporeans. GE2015 was a mistake and you are now paying with your lives.

Alex Tan
STR Editor