Millionaire PAP Minister Gan Kim Yong

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has rejected new test guidelines which allow suspected virus cases to be confirmed via CT scans and clinical diagnosis.

The Ministry of Health refused to explain why the scientifically-proven methods were rejected, but the dictatorship has been trying to under-report the number of actual cases in Singapore.

Numerous Singapore residents who displayed symptoms of the Wuhan virus were denied proper treatment by the government despite requests from General Practitioners in local clinics. GP doctors have requested for direct ambulance service to isolate the suspect cases, but the government refused and instead advised the patients to rest at home.

All the GP doctors who dealt with the confirmed cases lamented that they have no control over the Singapore government guidelines.

Over 18 confirmed cases turned out to have visited a GP doctor at least twice before they received proper medical attention at a government hospital.

China adopted the new guidelines on Wednesday and revised the death toll in Hubei from 242 cases to 1,310 cases.