Diamond Princess; Washington Post

Singapore became the first country to be banned by all cruise lines in the world after the Wuhan virus hit more residents in the country.

The ban came after numerous infected passengers boarded the Japan’s Diamond Princess cruise ship on Jan 6. There are now 219 infected on the cruise ship, which is docked at Yokohama Japan. None of the 3,500 passengers, except emergency cases, is allowed to disembark in Japan and they are currently under quarantine in the vessel.

Major cruise lines told the media that they are avoiding Singapore as they lack confidence in the Singapore government being able to contain the virus.

Royal Caribbean said:

“Two sailings on Quantum of the Seas, due to depart Singapore on Saturday (Feb 15) and Feb 24, have been cancelled in the light of current regional travel conditions.”

Another major cruise company, Celebrity Cruises, cancelled stops at Singapore.

7 countries – China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Israel, Qatar and Kuwait – have since issued warnings to their citizens to avoid travel to Singapore. Those who return from Singapore will also need to be isolated.

Singaporeans, foreign countries and corporations expressed alarm and disbelief when the world’s most expensive politician, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, made a special speech claiming that the Wuhan virus is under control.