PAP part-time MP and NTUC CEO Seah Kian Peng

More Singaporeans have reacted to NTUC declaring fake news on States Times Review, and defended the Australian media confirming that prices at NTUC have indeed increased.

Responding to online comments, the Singapore government-controlled supermarket wrote on Facebook saying that promotions were “ended” on the same day the government raised DORSCON level to orange:

“NTUC FairPrice: Hi Jason Liu, when DORSCON Orange was declared, which is an extraordinary event, part of our SOP is to minimize promotions to minimize strain on our logistics and safeguard supplies. Hence prices of certain products reverted to their normal selling price. Hope this clarifies, thank you!”

NTUC denied they are profiteering from the price increase, but their revenue and gross profit margin are saying otherwise.

None of the PAP ministers dare issue POFMA on States Times Review yet. The Australian website was previously POFMA-ed for publishing an article reporting that Singapore is facing a face mask shortage. The World Health Organisation subsequently on Feb 7 backed States Times Review stating there is a worldwide shortage of face masks.

States Times Review has also reported that the Wuhan virus transmission is out of control in Singapore, which led to 7 countries – Qatar, Kuwait, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Israel and Indonesia – issuing advisories against travel to Singapore.