PAP part-time MP and NTUC CEO Seah Kian Peng

Singapore government-controlled supermarket NTUC has claimed defence that prices were increase during over the week merely coincided with the ending of the promotion.

NTUC is however unable to prove all their promotions ended on the same day.

The PAP-owned corporation cried “fake news” on States Times Review, but admitted to the 25% price increases anyway:

“The points made in this article quotes an unnamed “Singaporean” making unfounded and malicious claims about products prices being raised over last weekend. On both occasions, the price comparisons were made between the products’ promotional price and normal selling price. Promotions are offered periodically throughout the year and when they end, the products revert to their normal selling price.”

PAP MP and NTUC CEO Seah Kian Peng has since reported to the police, demanding that the editor of States Times Review be arrested:

“Such articles are designed to misinform and sow discord in the community. We have since reported this matter to the relevant authorities and we urge the community to be very discerning of what they read on social media, especially if it comes from unreliable or unknown sources.”

Facing shortage of essential items, the government imposed a purchase limit earlier this week. The PAP government also insists that there is no shortage of face masks in the country, when the World Health Organisation confirmed there is a worldwide shortage.

In dealing with the Wuhan virus crisis, the Singapore government focused on propaganda, censorships and fabrication of fake news to maintain social stability. This dishonesty however resulted in foreign countries, companies and the independent-thinking minority losing faith in the PAP government.

The Qatar and Kuwait government has since advised their citizens to avoid travel to Singapore. Over 70 aerospace companies and government officials have also withdrew from the Singapore Air Show.