PAP part-time MP and NTUC CEO Seah Kian Peng

Singapore’s government supermarket NTUC and other retailers has been found to have engaged in unscrupulous profiteering from the virus outbreak by jacking up prices by up to 25%.

According to a Singaporean, Tierney’s Chicken Hot Dog now cost S$6.95, compared to S$5.20 on Saturday before the purchase limit effected:

“At NTUC Fairprice today, noted some items already increased price from yesterday. Yesterday, 1 pack of frozen grouper fillet $7.90. Today same pack $8.90. Yesterday, 1 pack of Tierney Chicken hotdogs/ sausages $5.20. Today $6.90 per pack!!!”

A price check on NTUC website revealed that the prices have indeed been inflated.

The government has imposed a purchase limit on essential items like toilet paper, tissue paper, rice and instant noodles today.

PAP Minister Chan Chun Sing and NTUC CEO cum PAP MP Seah Kian Peng however insisted that there is no supply shortage, and that the purchase limit is to stop Singaporeans from stocking up. The PAP politicians also insisted that there is no shortage on face masks, where the World Health Organisation said otherwise.