Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from SPH

Update: Qatar has joined Kuwait to ban Singapore.

Kuwait has issued a notice warning its citizens to leave Singapore as soon as possible because the Wuhan virus outbreak in Singapore has gone out of control.

“Kuwait citizens should leave rapidly and abstain from staying except for compelling reasons. Those who wish to travel to Singapore should wait until normal conditions are restored.”

Other countries are also considering similar bans, while multi-national companies like Bombardier and Lockheed Martin are already stopping their employees from travelling to Singapore. Over 70 exhibitors at the Singapore Air Show have cancelled their attendance, and a golf competition organised by HSBC was also cancelled.

The Singapore government refuse to cancel events with mass participation, giving blank assurances that they have “everything under control”. Nonetheless, no foreign company or country trusts the PAP dictatorship as it has a poor record of honest reporting.

Numerous foreigners have been infected in Singapore: 2 cases in South Korea, 1 case in Britain, 5 cases in Malaysia, and 70 cases in the cruise ship, Diamond Princess, that departed from Singapore on Jan 6.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong claimed that the virus is not dangerous because “very few percentage actually died”.

The Singapore government also ran out of face masks and demand that Singaporeans do not wear masks in public.

The country is running low on essential items with government limiting purchases.

There are now 43 confirmed cases in Singapore, 6 critically ill and 43 close contacts of the infected uncontactable. 30,000 China nationals are also entering Singapore because the government wants the S$700/pax monthly levies.