Millionaire PAP Minister Gan Kim Yong

Following several major blunders that resulted a leakage of the Wuhan virus to the local community, Singaporeans are holding Minister Gan Kim Yong to task and demand his resignation.

The Health Minister on a S$1.2 million yearly salary failed to enforce border restrictions, stopping suspect cases to discharge from hospitals, identify quarantine infected cases, ensure there are sufficient face masks, take appropriate public health measures and stopping the rise in local transmission cases.

There are now 40 confirmed cases, and all of the infected who are exhibiting symptoms like coughing were allowed to roam freely in public before being identified a few days later.

Minister Gan Kim Yong said Singaporeans do not need to wear a mask in public, but this has caused at least 9 Singaporeans to get infected in public.

The PAP minister also lied that there is no face mask shortage, when retail shops are seeing out of stock island-wide.

The national alert DORSCON level was only raised to Orange 2 days ago, when local transmission already began.