Photo of Gan Kim Yong from The Straits Times

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong screwed up again: Self-quarantine turned out to be useless in Singapore, with the public now exposed to infection from numerous foreigners who ignored the Leave of Absence order.

4 work permit holders and 2 foreigners holding Singapore permanent residency – all from China – have been caught breaching the mandatory 14 days self-quarantine, Leave of Absence, by the Health Ministry.

The Manpower Ministry reported that 6 employers have breached the order, and that the 4 foreigners on work permits have been sent home with a permanent ban. Their respective employers have been barred from hiring foreigners for 2 years.

Two other China nationals with Singapore permanent residency also worked while on Leave on Absence, as requested by their employer. The 2 employers were penalised but the government did not announce what their punishments were:

“Between Feb 4 and Feb 8, the four work pass holders were caught working at their workplaces during their leave of absence period. Acting on information received, the ministry also found two Singapore permanent residents working at their workplaces during the leave of absence. All their employers were penalised.”

About 30,000 work permit holders is coming or already arrived in Singapore. Manpower Minister Josephine Teo has earlier announced that 30,000 China nationals will be coming into Singapore and they can self-quarantine themselves for 14 days.