Singaporeans stocking up

Singapore’s leading supermarket NTUC has stopped taking online order and shut down its website by putting it on “maintenance” since yesterday. According to a staff who works with purchasing, the supermarket is “internally rationing” their stock to ensure all stock get replenished each day.

Replenishment of stock is now controlled and only take place during the morning and early afternoon, while the shelves will be cleared out by the evening and not restocked. The move is to create a facade of sufficient stock each morning, to prevent loss of public confidence in the government.

Pro-PAP supporters are now calling for “calm” and they condemn the panic-buying calling it “irrational” and “stupiud”. Many have gone online to verbally abuse those who stock up, attacking people who queue at supermarket.

Despite being ridiculed online by ruling party trolls for being “kiasu” and “silly”, the majority of Singaporeans are not taking their chances and stocking up on essential items.

Long queues at supermarkets continued today and nobody is listening to the propaganda running all-day-long on state media, quoting “advice” from former army general Minister Chan Chun Sing and his fellow corrupted PAP MPs.

Face masks have ran out in all shops in Singapore, and running low next is hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial cleaning liquid and tissue paper.