The Singapore Ministry of Health admitted to a serious blunder that saw an infected virus carrier being turned away from a local clinic, twice. According to the clinic, Phoenix Medical Group, the government refused to send an ambulance over three times because the patient did not “fulfil the MOH criteria”:

“The 41-year-old man identified on Thursday (Feb 6) as Singapore’s 29th confirmed case of novel coronavirus had visited the Seletar clinic of Phoenix Medical Group twice before his infection was confirmed…He did not fulfil the Health Ministry’s (MOH) criteria for a suspected case of the coronavirus and as such was not sent to the hospital using a dedicated ambulance service.”

The first clinic was the Seletar clinic of Phoenix Medical Group visited on Jan 29, the second clinic is an unnamed clinic on Jan 30 and the third visit is the same Seletar clinic as the first. The government refused to send an ambulance to save the Singaporean in all three occasions, despite being in serious conditions according to the GP doctor who attended to him:

“When he came back on Monday, his symptoms had worsened and he developed gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and loose stools.”

The Singaporean had to make his own way to the emergency department of a private hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, where he was diagnosed to be a virus carrier.

There are now 5 reported cases of local transmission, and the virus is now out of control in Singapore.