NTUC queue on 7 Feb 2020

Residents of Singapore – both foreigners and Singaporeans – had responded to the start of the Wuhan virus spread in Singapore by ignoring government advice and wearing masks in public and stocking up on essential items.

Going against PAP politicians’ advice, long queues are now seen in all supermarkets with people stocking up on essential items like toilet paper, rice, instant noodles and canned food. People who are well are also wearing masks, which dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong advised against because of the mask shortage in Singapore.

Triggering the buying behaviour is yesterday’s announcement that the Wuhan virus had gone out of control in Singapore, with 4 Singaporeans locally infected and the government admitting they don’t know why.

The common factor among the 4 infected is that they did not wear masks in public.

Alongside government propaganda, Minister Chan Chun Sing, Minister Ng Chee Meng and numerous other PAP politicians posted on Facebook telling Singaporeans not to stock up. These are the same politicians who claimed that the Wuhan virus was under control.

Like the 4 pieces of face masks given to each household, the PAP ministers claimed that there is enough stock for everyone. This claim however contradict their message not to stock up:

“There is no risk of us running a shortage of essential food or household items. We also have our national stockpile for essential items.”

The PAP ministers however cannot be trusted, and the country is likely to face a shortage of essential items very soon.