Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from SPH

Singapore has become a major exporter of the Wuhan virus with a Malaysian and two South Koreans getting infected while on a business trip here. A total of 4 foreigners who visited Singapore were found to have contracted the virus here.

According to the South Korea media, there are now discussions of banning travellers from Singapore. Singapore is the only country where foreigners contract the Wuhan virus, aside from China.

On Tuesday (Feb 4), a 42-year-old Malaysian man developed a fever a week later after attending a conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore from Jan 16 to Jan 23. The Malaysian met with several China nationals, who cleared Singapore’s lax custom checks.

Yesterday (Feb 5), South Korea reported two confirmed cases, both Korean nationals, who also attended the same conference in Singapore.

The Singapore government was caught offguard by the virus outbreak in Singapore and did not enforce health screenings or restrict China nationals entry during the first 3 weeks of January.

As of today (Feb 6), there are now 28 confirmed cases since its first outbreak on Jan 23.

The Ministry of Health maintained that face masks need not be worn in public, and events with large attendees shall continue. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong denied that local transmission is widespread. Singapore has been facing a shortage of face masks, which the dictatorship government vehemently denied.