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Several foreign countries are considering banning of travellers from Singapore and Singaporean citizens after three foreigners were found to have caught the Wuhan virus in the country.

Two South Koreans and a Malaysian were confirmed to have contracted the virus after attending a conference in Singapore.

Foreign corporations are also considering relocating international conferences and events from Singapore. In the upcoming Singapore Airshow, many major aerospace brands like Bombardier and COMAC have boycotted the event as a sign of the lack of confidence in the Singapore authorities to contain the virus.

The primary consideration for the ban is because the Singapore government lack public health control measures like banning events of large crowds and the outage of face masks in the country. The Singapore Ministry of Health even went about actively discouraging the use of face masks.

Banning a small country like Singapore is also seen as having minimal impact, as compared to a major economy like China.

Singapore currently have the most virus carriers aside from China, with 28 confirmed cases. Local transmission has also begun, with 5 infected with no travel history to China. 302 suspected cases were also given home quarantine, due to a lack of quarantine facilities in the country.