Gan Kim Yong

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has went into denial mode refusing to accept that the Wuhan virus outbreak in Lavender is local transmission:

“Two of the three infected women worked for Yong Thai Hang at 24 Cavan Road, a shop that sells complementary health products, and the third is the tour guide who took the group there. So although it is community transmission, it is a limited transmission.”

None of the 4 infected has been to China.

The PAP millionaire minister also baselessly claimed that he has confirmed the “source” and that the outbreak in Lavender is contained:

“For this particular cluster, we are able to identify all the contacts that are involved, including the source of the infection. If you have a cluster and you know who the first patient in that cluster is, but have no idea where he got the infection from, then we have a bigger problem.”

Minister Gan Kim Yong also refused to cancel events of mass gatherings, saying the situation is not that serious yet:

“As I pointed out on Monday, despite our best efforts, Singapore could still see extensive community spread. At that point, we will need to consider measures to reduce human to human interactions, such as cancelling mass gatherings, suspending schools, paring down non-essential care services and introducing further infection control and monitoring measures, to slow the spread.”