Photo of Gan Kim Yong from Straits Times

The six month old infant Singaporean boy and husband of an infected employee at Lavender was found to be infected with the Wuhan virus. Based on the death toll so far, people with weak immune system like elderly and young children have a higher fatality rate than a healthy adult.

The Singapore government reported a total of 4 new cases yesterday, with one being the husband of an infected tour guide from the Lavender virus outbreak. The last case was a Chinese tourist from Wuhan, who entered Singapore before the government banned Chinese travellers.

The tour guide was bringing Chinese tourists to the Chinese medicine shop, Yong Thai Hang, when she was unknowingly infected. Two employees and the maid of one of them were infected in the shop at Lavender, near Bendeemer MRT station. None of the infected has been to China, confirming that there is community transmission in Singapore.

The infected from the Lavender outbreak had been to various public places including supermarkets, taken public transport and continued working, not knowing they had contracted the Wuhan virus.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong however remained in denial:

“The risk of infection from transient contact, such as on public transport or in public places, is assessed to be low… There is as yet no evidence of widespread community transmission in Singapore.”

In an parliament update earlier this week, Minister Lawrence Wong confirmed more than 524 is undergoing quarantine. The Singapore government is still advising Singaporeans not to wear a mask in public.