Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Janil Puthucheary has declared that the government is not liable to privacy laws and that they are free to disclose anyone’s private information, especially when the person criticise the government.

Nobody will have the right to privacy and the government can “name and shame” anyone complaining about the government:

“When public complaints or petitions are inaccurate, government agencies may disclose personal data to set the record straight… The Government might sometimes disclose identities even when the publicised complaints are anonymous. This is to remove ambiguity in the Government’s statement of the facts and settle any doubts over the matter conclusively in the minds of the public.”

The ex-Malaysian PAP propaganda minister who never served National Service said there is no need for any government protocol for privacy laws:

“These types of public declarations, whether anonymised or not, are going to be unusual in nature. There is something about the case so the complainant or the interaction which doesn’t quite fall into standard operating procedure nor lend itself to a protocol. It would be inappropriate to constrain the agencies’ response to inaccurate or false public statements, and may open itself to manipulation, ambiguity and disinformation.”

In Singapore, the PAP dictatorship government determines what is the truth and every official statement is always correct. Those who contradicts the government truth faces a 3 years’ jail and a S$1 million fine if they do not obey the POFMA order issued by the government.