Barely a day after ministers boasting in Parliament about being “better prepared”, Singapore today reported a total of 6 new confirmed cases. Local human-to-human transmission has also been confirmed with 4 new cases found at Cavan Road, Lavendar, which is next to Bendeemer MRT station.

Two workers at a Chinese medicine shop in Cavan Road, and the maid working for one of the workers have been found to be infected. A local tour guide who had previously taken Chinese tourists to the shop has also been infected.

Another two new cases were found from the group of 92 Singaporeans earlier evacuated from Wuhan.

There are now a total of 6 new confirmed cases, bringing the total to 24. The government has also censored travel information and details of the new cases, to give Singaporeans a false sense of security.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong was only in parliament yesterday boasting about the government being “better prepared” than the 2003 SARS epidemic.