Photo of Lee Hsien Loong at PAP Convention from CNA

Fearing that the 2021 GST increase would dampen his popularity, corrupted dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told Bloomberg that he is considering calling a General Election by 2019:

“A general election next year is always possible… There are many reasons to bring elections forward, or not, so we’ll see.”

The S$2.2 million-a-year corrupted Prime Minister did not disclose what were his reasons behind considering the election ahead but resentment and bitterness are brewing among the Singaporean public.

The Singaporean population have been frustrated with the rising cost of living caused by relentless increase in government taxes. In the past year, several essential services were given double-digit increase in taxes i.e. water prices were raised 30% and the electricity tariff was raised 18.8%. Just last week, the government raised public transport fares by 4.3%.

Singaporeans are also disappointed with the economy, as unemployment rate continue to remain at an all-time-high of 3.1% for citizens and wages being stagnated. Increasing income inequality has also taken the highlights as the country becoming increasingly stratified by wealth. HDB homeowners were also slapped with the hard truth recently, after Lee Hsien Loong confirmed that HDB flats are worthless after the lease expires.

The government locked horns with the Singaporean public who insist that the HDB leasing model is essentially rental and not “home ownership”. The public was only silenced after a minister threatened to take legal actions against anyone who disagree with the use of the term “home ownership”.

Aside from new problems there also the existing ones that have remain unresolved: diminishing CPF payout seeing more elderly retirees been forced back into the workforce, persistent train breakdowns and increasing tensions with foreign countries like Malaysia and China.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s personal reputation is not doing well at the moment, following the corruption scandal at his town council where he claimed innocence. The dictator PM is also currently embroiled in a corruption scandal where town council funding were being abused to sue 3 opposition WP MPs. Despite having spent an estimated S$2 million in legal fees from the residents’ money, the Prime Minister declined to declare the amount spent.