Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Straits Times

At the corruption trial yesterday (Nov 7), the court heard that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s former town council manager Victor Wong Chee Meng corrupted over S$107,000 from town council funds. The bulk of the Ang Mo Kio GRC residents’ money were spent the residents’ money on KTV visits and prostitution, including spending on “garlands” for KTV women ranging from S$100 to S$1,000 each.

According to the business partner of the prosecuted contractor, Victor Wong frequent the red-light districts so often that the KTV ladies from China greeted him as “Huang zong” (Director Wong) each time he visits. The Prime Minister’s favourite was also found to be complicit with the destroying of receipts which the contractor used to claim for entertainment purposes, encrypting the financial entries like “3,700FV”, where “F” stood for flowers and “V” for Victor.  The contractor colluding with the Ang Mo Kio town council manager, Chia Sin Lan, instructed his business partner to encrypt the receipts as a precaution to evade investigators:

“Chia’s rationale was that in the event of any checks by government officials, these entertainment expenses cannot be easily traced. The costs of these garlands could vary from S$100 to S$1,000, and they were a way to show “appreciation” to karaoke hostesses for their performances.”

Victor Wong Chee Meng’s corruptions were allegedly undetected by the Prime Minister for over 22 months, where tens of millions of lucrative town council contracts were inflated and awarded to a crony contractor. However, Lee Hsien Loong and none of his other 5 PAP MPs was not summoned to court as a witness.

The public prosecutor did not investigate or question if the PAP MPs and the Prime Minister was complicit in Victor Wong’s corruptions. No “independent committee” was appointed to bring Lee Hsien Loong to court in a civil suit either in corrupted Singapore.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is also not charged for failing his MP’s responsibility, which the 3 WP MPs were allegedly guilty of, even though he signed over the approval to the corrupted contracts.