Photo of Lee and Najib from Twitter

At an interview with Malaysia media, the editor of Sarawak Reports, Clare Rewcastle, revealed that Singapore is one of the key investigation targets, alongside Switzerland and United States. The fugitive-turned-heroine writer who has since returned to Malaysia after corrupted former Prime Minister Najib Razak lost the election, said the 1MDB investigation is going to get bigger and that several major government organisations are going to be implicated:

“The big moral of all this is what was going on in Malaysia. A corrupt local politician was being facilitated and assisted by major global institutions and the whole financial system. And that was wrong. We need to address that, so that people like former prime minister Najib Razak, who were getting away with stuff in countries all over the world, should not be assisted by major banks and all the rest…1MDB was not a Malaysian scandal, it was a global scandal. My message is to tell people that the 1MDB saga has not ended. It is going to get bigger.”

Malaysian investigators are now trying to find the secret deals between the two corrupted Prime Ministers of Singapore and Malaysia when Najib was still in power. It is believed that Najib Razak signed several unfair agreements with Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong, like building the Singapore-Malaysia High Speed Rail when the country was in a trillion RM debt and a grossly under-priced water sale agreement, in exchange for Singapore banks’ assistance in money laundering 1MDB’s billions.

If found guilty, Lee Hsien Loong and Singapore may be sanctioned internationally.

Singapore was forced to reopen the 1MDB investigation after the Najib Razak dictatorship was voted out of power, despite closing it a year ago in May 2017. After Malaysians voted in a new government, the Singapore government was immediately summoned for questioning in Kuala Lumpur. According to a source closed with the dictator, Lee Hsien Loong refused to be personally interviewed.

The new Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad has been keeping his distance away from Lee Hsien Loong after his election. Just last week, the Malaysian PM rejected Lee Hsien Loong’s invite for a holiday retreat and called for a bilateral discussion to increase water price.