Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from NDR youtube video

According to an emotional outburst by the wife of the deceased at the court trial, the director of managing agent company FMSS Danny Loh suffered a heart attack while he was working overtime to handle the audits by two auditors, KPMG and PwC, and the government, Auditor General Office.

Government newspapers Straits Times however reported a fake news covering up for the government by wrongly reporting that he died in an accident over a fall.

Based on his wife’s affidavit, FMSS Danny Loh was under great stress due to the numerous audits, legal threats and red tapes issued by the Ministry of Development to fix the opposition-held town council. At the time of his death, FMSS was wrongly fined for S$250,000 and the director was working out the accounts to keep the company afloat.

Even after causing a man’s death, the Singapore ruling party continued to attack the opposition-held town council and its managing agent company FMSS. The PAP removed their crony companies AIM and CPG Facilities Management, stole the town council management software and its data, impose numerous audits and even withheld government funding for the opposition town council.

Corrupted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong orchestrated several government organisations to sabotage the WP MPs over the 7 years since he lost Aljunied GRC constituency. As the next General Election draws near, Lee Hsien Loong is trying his best to unseat the 3 WP MPs by bankrupting them and disqualifying them from future elections. Using  over S$2 million of public funds, Lee Hsien Loong arranged a faceless “committee” proxy to sue the 3 WP MPs for S$33 million over alleged improper payments made to FMSS for council contracts.