Photo of Davinder Singh from Google

The third week of the court trial to bankrupt the 3 WP MPs revealed more sinister political sabotage by the Singapore ruling party, with the key witnesses confirming that contractors working for PAP-run councils refuse to work or even participate in the tenders issued by the opposition-held town council.

PAP-hired Davinder Singh also lost his temper and shouted “THE ANSWER MUST BE YES!” to the defence witness who reminded him that having a public tender does not mean cost-savings to the town council:

“PAP Davinder Singh: If there was a competitive tender to be the agent of AHTC, and companies had placed bids, then the AHTC would have had the benefit of at least a three-year managing agent contract “on the best possible prices. Does Mr Foo agreed with this proposition?


Witness Kenneth Foo: Possible.




Witness Kenneth Foo: Calling a tender could have gotten the town council a cheaper deal, but it could also turn out to be more expensive. It could go either way.”

The former PAP MP, Davinder Singh, then made leading questions telling the witness to agree on speculations built on “hindsight”. To which the witness reminded him that hindsight is always correct but he has done his due diligence at the point in time:

“Hindsight is always the master… I believe that I could have exercised more options at that point in time, but I acted to the best of my ability and knowledge.”

Another key witness, town councillor Chua Zhi Hon, took the stand and told the court that contractors working with PAP councils refuse to tender for WP work:

“The political situation then was such that the managing agent industry was dominated by companies affiliated with the PAP. In the councillors’ minds, it was necessary to get things running so residents will not face a disruption in services.”

PAP-hired senior counsel Davinder Singh then tried to confuse the court claiming that there is enough time for a tender, by wrongly calculating the period between June 9 to Aug 1 as three months instead of two:

“CPG had made known its intention on June 9 to withdraw its managing agent services on Aug 1, giving AHTC close to three months, or even more, if CPG’s contract was extended.”