Screenshot from WP website

Persecuted WP MPs Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh has achieved their S$1 million donation target in mere 3 days – thanks to States Times Review’s assistance in the donation drive. At the first day of the donation drive, the 3 WP MPs managed only S$65,196 on 24 Oct 2018. No other news media helped the WP advertised its donation drive except States Times Review. In the next morning, the Singapore’s most popular blog published an article calling for donations and the donation shortly jumped 7 folds and achieved the million dollar mark in the third day.

The 3 WP MPs had put up a stop notice last evening (Oct 27) but money is still streaming into the designated donation accounts.

The 3 WP MPs are facing possible bankruptcy from the civil lawsuit lodged by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The Singapore corrupted Prime Minister intended to unseat the 3 WP MPs by making them pay S$33 million for alleged “improper payments” made by the town council for council services.

Drawing about S$2 million in legal fees paid for by town council funding, Lee Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer, former PAP MP Davinder Singh is leading the civil lawsuit, alongside crony auditors KPMG and Pricewatercooper. The trio has however been unsuccessful in proving that S$33 million was “improperly” paid. Senior counsel Davinder Singh made several baseless allegations calling the 3 MPs liars and fraudsters, but without much success as he was unable to produce any evidence to back up his attacks.