Photo of Davinder Singh from NUS

Lee Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer and former PAP MP, senior counsel Davinder Singh was chided by the judge on Friday (Oct 26) after he asked the same question four times, hoping that WP MP Sylvia Lim would provide a different answer.

PAP-hired senior counsel Davinder Singh first asked WP MP Sylvia Lim why did the other MPs met up for discussions when they had no concerns over the tender’s specification clause. WP Sylvia Lim replied saying the MPs met regularly to discuss matters relating to the contract where FMSS would follow the same terms and conditions of the CPG contract.

Unsatisfied with the WP MP’s response, Davinder Singh insisted that there is something sinister behind the subsequent meetings and insisted that the other MPs were concerned about the specification clause:

“If there were no concerns following the June 2 meeting, there couldn’t have been a discussion… about what it (specification clause) meant.”

WP MP Sylvia Lim was seen exasperated and repeated the same answer:

“The fact that FMSS would adopt CPG’s terms where possible was a key issue, and therefore, naturally cropped up in subsequent talks.”

Davinder Singh then went into senile mode and repeated the questions 3 more times only to be interjected by the defence lawyer. Davinder Singh angrily retorted that he is “entitled to challenge the credibility of the witness”. This resulted in the Singapore judge telling the PAP counsel to “draw a line as Ms Lim had already given an answer”.