Photo of Davinder Singh from Google

Tapping on town council funding, the ruling party government has already burned more than S$2 million hiring a senior counsel legal team to sue the 3 Workers’ Party MPs. However, Aljunied residents may ended up paying more than S$1 million in legal costs and compensation to the 3 WP MPs if the former PAP MP Davinder Singh loses his civil case lawsuit.

It is common practice for the plaintiff to pay compensation to the defendants in a lost bid. To date, the WP MPs revealed that they had spent over S$600,000 in mounting their legal defence against the PAP’s senior counsel team. The WP MPs will be entitled to more compensation, and even be entitled the right to counter sue the PAP-controlled town councils for wrongful allegations.

The ones ended up paying for all these expenses are the residents of Aljunied GRC and Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC constituencies – at no costs to the PAP MPs and of course the dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

While it is nearly impossible to see the ruling party loses its legal bid, the Singapore courts have in recent years shown some impartiality on contentious cases relating to politics. In 2013, the Court of Appeal and Apex Court ruled in the Workers’ Party’s favour over the application of the town council financial regulations. The Singapore police and commercial crimeinvestigators also cleared the opposition party of any wrongdoing.

To date, the PAP-led prosecution has also failed to prove that the S$33 million payment made were “improper”. Even the prosecution witness, KPMG auditor, clarified that the payments “are improper, not wrong”. Senior counsel Davinder Singh also appears to be at his wits’ ends when he was found repeating the same questions and apparently unable to find any opening to prove his S$33 million claim.

The chances are low, but it could still be possible the PAP prosecution may lose the civil lawsuit and open itself to counter lawsuits from the WP MPs – with residents shouldering the multi-million expenses.

Alex Tan
STR Editor