Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from NDR youtube video

Barely a day after States Times Review published an article announcing the Workers’ Party MPs’ plea for donation, the 3 WP MPs saw their donations jumped 8 times from S$65,196 yesterday prior to STR’s article in the morning, to S$477,653 as of 10pm yesterday (Oct 25).

The call for donation was initially covered up by the government-owned mainstream media, but States Times Review published the article revealing the financial difficulties the three WP MPs are going through. MP Pritam Singh, especially, just had a newborn baby and he is facing incredible stress from the PAP lawsuit.

Many Singaporeans expressed their outrage and pledged to donate to the 3 WP MPs, who worked tirelessly to serve their residents only to face an impending bankruptcy from the corrupted government. Despite the deliberate tripping by the government ministries, Aljunied Town Council is by far the best-performing town council with zero lift incidents and rat infestation incidents like in the Prime Minister’s ward Ang Mo Kio GRC. Lee Hsien Loong’s constituency had even a high profile corruption case – where S$23 million were corrupted – but he is immune to investigations and civil suits.

The 3 WP MPs are currently facing a possible S$33 million penalty in a persecution ploy orchestrated by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to unseat the opposition leaders. Using public money from the town council funds, corrupted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hired his personal lawyer Davinder Singh and paid an undisclosed sum to auditors KPMG and Pricewatercooper (PwC) to stand as prosecution witnesses against the 3 WP MPs.

The Singapore government did not disclose how much has been spent so far prosecuting the 3 WP MPs, but it is estimated to be more than S$2 million in the ongoing trial currently at its second week. The WP MPs revealed in their blog that they had spent S$600,000, at their own expenses, on legal fees.

The trial is heavily tipped in the PAP’s favour as senior counsel Davinder Singh, being a former PAP MP, has a notorious reputation of being “invincible” in Singapore courts. In the past two weeks, the PAP-backed prosecution had been picking on the procedural mistakes and noncompliance with the PAP-written Town Council Financial Rules. However, the prosecution was unable to prove that S$33 million had been corrupted or stolen. Rather, senior counsel Davinder Singh speculated the S$33 million amount based on the scenario “if the WP MPs had hired CPG or called a tender”, and not actual figures calculated or backed with evidence.

To donate to the 3 WP MPs, please use the official platform.