Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook

Singapore’s WP MPs have broke their silence and finally came out to appeal for a public donation to fund their civil suit against the ruling party PAP.

Depending on the court’s outcome, the WP MPs may need to pay up to S$33 million.

Their bankruptcy would then mean they will lose their MP seats in Parliament, and this is a serious concern for Singaporeans who are already heavily under-represented in the PAP dictatorship.

S$33 million may be the full amount the WP MPs needed to prevent their bankruptcy, but the question is not how do we raise S$33 million.

The real question is here:

Assuming that WP achieved the unthinkable feat of raising S$33 million – going into Guinness World Record the largest public fund raising ever – after getting S$33 million from the WP, how much more will the PAP want later? S$330 million?

This is just legal extortion. The truth is dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wants them bankrupted and unseated from the government, not the S$33 million. Do you think Lee Hsien Loong, who already has his hands dipping in hundreds of billions of CPF money, will be satisfied to see S$33 million?

Bear in mind the S$33 million of donations is not going to the WP, but to the PAP instead.

I hate to publish bad news for Singaporeans but the only solution I see from this WP persecution is to let the 3 WP MPs go bankrupt. Giving the PAP S$33 million is unthinkable, it is similar to acceding to a terrorist’s request. The PAP dictatorship will be embolden and ask for more in the future.

The 3 WP MPs should have already be prepared from day one when they stepped into the opposition arena. They will be the sacrifices. Let them go bankrupt, let Aljunied GRC be lost to the PAP, and the people will be jolted into removing the PAP in the 2019 General Election.

Alex Tan
STR Editor