Photo of Davinder Singh from Google

Lee Hsien Loong’s favourite top dog senior counsel Davinder Singh had his rave in court yesterday, flashing his gnashes, raising his voice louder than the judge and repeating himself like a broken radio faulting WP MP Low Thia Khiang for town council management breaches. The dog was literally unstoppable in his three hour of aggression.

Then we have the local state media drumming up his barking and echoing that the long-time WP MP is an irresponsible town councillor. And after the propaganda bombardment, Low Thia Khiang suddenly become the country’s most hated person after Lee Hsien Loong.

That is unless one knows a little about contract administration.

For a start, Singaporeans need to understand the fundamental context that town council management is not part of a MP’s duty. This is so in Australia, in every part of the world and even Singapore previously. Contract law, financial audit and the tender process was previously handled by the HDB, while the elected MP does only what he is elected to do: representing the people in Parliament and looking after his residents in his constituency.

Being the devil’s advocate, top dog Davinder Singh has deceitfully lumped the MP duties to that of a town council manager’s duty. Writing up and looking up the thousands of carefully-worded lines and fineprints in a contract or tender is the job of the contract administrator, also known as the tender issuer. For everyone’s info, a contract administrator is a full-time job and if this responsibility is passed to the MP, Low Thia Khiang should very well be sitting at his desk 44 hours a week.

Terminating the contract of CPG Facilities Management – a notorious PAP-owned company – makes perfect sense. In all fairness, CPG is expected to behave like AIM, the PAP-owned company who stole Aljunied town council management software and landed the opposition MPs in today’s civil suit. Even if CPG volunteered to manage the town council for free, anyone conscious of its political leaning and sabotage potential would say no.

Why does Low Thia Khiang even need to read up the contract of a company that he is discontinuing partnership with? I wouldn’t bother, and even then, it isn’t the job of the elected MP either. Davinder Singh is barking up the wrong tree, and it is astonishing that the court did not stop his deliberate mislead.

It appears the end result of the day is the bankruptcy of the 3 WP MPs, and the loss of Aljunied GRC. The 3 opposition MPs will be debarred from participation and the PAP wins big again in the 2019 General Election. This is just another classic storyline of an evil dictatorship oppressing the people. Good luck with the GST increase people.

Alex Tan
STR Editor