Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from NDR youtube video

Singapore’s ruling party dictatorship is expected to spend more than S$1 million in its persecution plot to bankrupt the 3 Workers’ Party MPs.

As the civil suit goes into its second week, the elite legal team led by top dog senior counsel Davinder Singh alone would cost no less than S$1 million. The state of claim went even further back with preparation started a year ago in July 2017. This is on top of “consultation fees” paid to KPMG and PwC for their court appearances as key prosecution witnesses.

Till date, it is unknown how much public resources have been spent to charge the opposition MPs or where does the money come from.

The joke is however on Aljunied town council residents, as the multi-million legal fees is likely coming from their town council sinking fund or government taxes. Top dogs need top dollars after all.

Depending on the length of the trial, the civil suit lodged by the Singapore government is expected to be the country’s second most expensive legal suit, just under City Harvest Church’s Kong Hee S$10 million trial.

The ruling party dictatorship however had already spent an undisclosed amount in their fail bid to charge the WP MPs for corruption during the court trial to release town council funds in 2015. The trial stretched over 2 years, and even went through the Court of Appeal and the Apex Court, but the government still failed to criminalise the WP MPs.