Photo of Owen Hawkes from Straits Times

In the past week at the Singapore Court, a foreign national Caucasian took the highlights at the persecution trial of the WP MPs as a key witness leading the prosecution attack. The trial is undeniably political as it is not a criminal case, but a civil lawsuit lodged by the ruling party PAP’s plot to unseat the MPs by bankrupting them with a S$33 million claim.

Whether if they are conscious of the political nature of the trial or not, KPMG and PwC made themselves political tools of the ruling party and this is exactly what foreign intervention looks like. While foreign intervention is usually referred to the Russian intervention in the US Presidential election, Singapore’s context work the other way in that foreign intervention is now employed by the ruling party government to set up the opposition MPs.

According to a source familiar with the ruling party, an undisclosed amount billed as “consultancy fees”, estimated at S$300,000, has been paid to KPMG and PwC for their time to stand as prosecution witnesses.

In a functioning democracy, the ruling party should have now been hauled up by the police for engaging in foreign nationals to meddle with local politics. This is of course not happening in Lee Hsien Loong’s dictatorship, just as his now-exiled Oxford professor nephew succinctly put it: the Singapore court is pliant to the dictatorship.

Singapore’s system is now becoming increasingly perverted, with international indexes unfavourable to the ruling party becoming “fake news” and public criticisms becoming “defamation”. The opposition MPs who worked themselves tirelessly after a sabotage by the ruling party at the aftermath of the 2011 General Election, doing all they can to serve their residents are now the bad people.

Then there is the awkward silence of Singaporeans, who are witnessing the persecution and not making even a whimper because they are afraid of the repressive contempt of court charges. Those in privileged positions are even greater cowards for they might lose everything they have once they offend the real king in Singapore. This is the Singapore Lee Hsien Loong created: a dictatorship.

Alex Tan
STR Editor