A day after KPMG made ridiculous claims at the persecution trial against the opposition MPs, another accounting firm took the stand making similar ludicrous arguments, and even insinuated that there is no evidence the 2015 General Election happened.

Accounting firm Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC) yesterday (Oct 11) took the prosecution witness’s stand and refused to admit its wrongdoing after being presented twice with evidence from the defence. PwC partner Goh Thien Phong wrongly accused the Workers’ Party MPs of not verifying if work has been done for invoices relating to setting up of polling stations during the 2015 General Election:

“The PwC audit also found 12 invoices of improper payments – amounting to more than $171,110 – which were without supporting documents. Six of these included payments that AHPETC made to contractor Propell Integrated in 2015, for the setting up of polling stations for the General Election.”

When presented with signatures from a document labelled as Voucher Journal Report, PwC defiantly claimed that the document is invalid because it is “for a different purpose”:

“The Voucher Journal Report held a different purpose, which was to be entered into accounting reports.”

The defence then presented email exchanges between the town council, HDB and the contractor, PwC stubbornly insisted that the emails are insufficient proof:

“The emails between the parties were only instructions and the town council paid the contractor without satisfying itself that the work had been done.”

This prompted the defence lawyer to question PwC:

“The General Election has come and gone and polling has taken place. That is not evidence that work has been done?”

PwC Goh Thien Phong refused to answer the question and said there is no actual evidence or photograph showing that the election polling has happened. Unbeknown to the ignorant PwC director, taking photograph of an election poll is illegal in Singapore.

The court trial is orchestrated by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to unseat the three WP MPs from Parliament. Unleashing his personal senior counsel lawyer Davinder Singh, Lee Hsien Loong intends to bankrupt the 3 MPs with a S$33 million lawsuit.